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Partners for Educational Development, Inc. has worked with a diverse range of major research, minority-serving and liberal arts colleges and universities, youth-serving organizations and policy institutes to increase their education and research capacity. We specialize in:

Strategic Planning

What's a vision without an executable plan that filters throughout the organization and provides benchmarks of progress and accountability? Ours is a community-inclusive approach to strategic planning. We engage the full organization, scan the environment for trends and risk factors, and prepare a meaningful document that honors an institution's core values, the multiple voices of its stakeholders, and provides a clear road map to managed growth!


Organizational Assessments

What's holding you back? What's special that can move you forward? Do you have the systems, policies and people with the needed skill sets that can execute your plan? What do you need to do to put all the right pieces in place? We specialize in assessments that lead to improved operations and help you deliver on the promise of your educational mission.

Program Design and Development

Are you operating at the margins of innovation or simply doing what you've always done? How you engage your craft is just as important as what you do. In a global market, adaptability, flexibility, and the effective use of technologies are baseline standards. Let us help you design programs that are educationally sound while integrating tools that attract diverse audiences and increase access.


Grants and Contracts

So you have an idea. Now it's time to put it on paper and secure the funds that will move your vision to reality. With more than $60 million in awards and growing, we specialize in contract bids and grant proposal writing for government agencies, foundations and corporations.

International Partnerships

Education is global. Are you? Take your organization to the next level. Reach out to other educational, policy, community-service organizations and independent scholars that share your philosophy and can add depth and breadth to your portfolio.


Commissioned Studies

Leveraging our background in qualitative and quantitative research methods, we regularly work with organizations to design and administer studies to evaluate core program offerings, as well as to

Basic Research, Writing and Editing

Research is key to ensuring that your programs meet current standards and offer a niche area of innovation. With a sound design in place, make certain your message is clear, on point, and accurate.

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